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When I was in the second grade, I decided two things: that one day I’d become a teacher and that one day I’d become a writer. I’m sure at the time a lot of people thought that I’d be like most children, changing my mind on a daily basis, but I didn’t. I actively pursued my dreams, writing and telling stories, tutoring and teaching other kids, and enjoying every second of it.

After graduating high school with honors, I went on to a university where I got degrees in both English Literature and Secondary Education, English. I taught junior high for several years, while writing in my spare time, before finally actively pursuing my writing career.

A few years ago, I started a blog, mostly to document the things I was learning along the way. In it, I share my writing process, information about my experiences in a critique group, editing and revising, the publishing process, and finally, marketing and promoting. These “blogs” are great sources of information to me, but surprisingly, I’ve found that they’re helping a lot of other writers too. So come check out my blog, see if there is anything that strikes your interest, and if you want, search for some of my books on Amazon.


Lisa Morrow is a writer of young adult fantasy, high fantasy, and fantasy romance. Her recently published works include a YA fantasy novel set in the world of Tarak, and two short stories set in the same realm.

Pieces in the series include:

The Sea Goddess Part 1- Purple

Realm of Goddesses3- Part2 (Green)

To Kill a Wizard Final Cover15- Final Cover DPI 400 (Kindle)

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