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Street Team

A Street Team is one of the most valuable things an author can have, according to Kevin Kruse. Other writers have stressed this to me over and over again, and yet, I’ve never been given a clear plan on how … Continue reading

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InstaFreebie and Bitly

There are so many incredibly useful resources out there for authors, just waiting to be explored. Just this week, I finally took the plunge and checked out InstaFreebie and Bitly. I’ll share general information about these great sites below, as … Continue reading

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The Hard Questions

I was recently asked two questions. I wanted to address them here, because I often see these questions answered by authors, and it always interests me. All of us have come from such different places, and are inspired by such … Continue reading

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Today Only “The Sea Goddess” Short Story FREE on Amazon

For today only, I’m going to be giving away my short story “The Sea Goddess” on Amazon. As with all my experiences, I’ll write a blog about this later and let all of you know if it was successful or … Continue reading

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Kindle Select- One Day Giveaway (My Experience)

The most important thing to me right now, as a new writer, is to get readers. I want people to enjoy my writing, and I want to hear their feedback, so I know what I can do to continue improving … Continue reading

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Plotter verses Pantser

Some writers plot out each detail of their books long before they’ve even started writing. Other writers don’t plot a thing. They just let their characters guide the story. Still others, like myself, are somewhere in the middle. I’ll share … Continue reading

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Amazon- One Day Free

Is anyone else’s stomach twisting like a porcupine’s trying to tear its way out? Oh then, it must just be me. My book, “To Kill a Wizard,” has been out since June 30th, and so far, I’ve only sold a … Continue reading

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Writing Tip- Magic System

Magic can’t simply be something you throw into your fantasy world. It needs to be taken as seriously as a main character. Time needs to be spent detailing the way magic works in your world. My fellow 7 Evil Dwarves … Continue reading

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Writing Tip- Characters

Sometimes the best characters are the most flawed characters. Being beautiful, smart, charming, clever, and skilled is all great, but real people aren’t perfect. And, usually, we love people more for their imperfections than anything else. Would you rather read … Continue reading

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Goodreads Book Giveaway

I’m a writer, not a marketing guru, so I feel like I’m constantly scrambling to figure out how to use all of the tools at my disposal. Today is the day my book giveaway should be starting on Goodreads, and … Continue reading

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