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Writing Tip- Magic System

Magic can’t simply be something you throw into your fantasy world. It needs to be taken as seriously as a main character. Time needs to be spent detailing the way magic works in your world. My fellow 7 Evil Dwarves … Continue reading

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A Short Writing Piece of Sorts

Anne-Marie Humphrey stood with her back stiff, but not because she was inclined to the sort of personality of someone who often stood stiff-backed at a ball. No, she stood in such an uncomfortable way because her mother had fastened … Continue reading

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I find it hard to read a fiction novel that has absolutely no romance.  It doesn’t have to be a romance, or even hit me over the head with all the gushy love, but it needs to have at least … Continue reading

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Changing Your Perspective

Recently, I was watching a toddler.  He sat bored in his living room, looking at nothing in particular.  Then, suddenly, he bent down, planted his hands and feet on the ground, and stood on his head.  Seeing him staring upside … Continue reading

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Reality in Fiction

Realty isn’t so simple.  A lot of time is spent on making decisions, neither of which is clearly the “right” one.  Most of the time when someone opens one door, they close another, and there is a certain amount of … Continue reading

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Outside Your Comfort Zone

I have a comfort zone when it comes to my writing.  It is a reflection of what I enjoy most to read.  I create worlds in which I myself want to get lost in.  I create characters who are flawed … Continue reading

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In the Eye of the Beholder

One of the first books I ever read about dragons was Jermey Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher by Bruce Coville, when I was in early elementary school.  This book still sits on my shelf in a place of honor, for it represents … Continue reading

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Writing a Believable Romance

Again, I typically write fantasy novels, with a little bit of romance mixed in, but I am more and more intrigued about what it takes to create a believable romance. I recently read two fantasy novels by the same author.  … Continue reading

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New and Interesting Worlds

Much of what I’m learning of writing has come from reading.  I’m sure this is true with most writers, but I have been fortunate enough to come across some really unique books in the past few months, so I am … Continue reading

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NANO, Just Writing

The plan for NANO (National Novel Writing Month) is to just write, not edit, not outline, just write.  But how do you just write?  What does that even mean? When I begin writing, I naturally crave some kind of structure, … Continue reading

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