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Come to the Dark Side

There is something intoxicating about writing a story and constantly asking, what more can I do to this character? And the pleasure of the story is only intensified when you ask, what’s the next unexpected twist? But these are exactly … Continue reading

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Writing Tip- Characters

Sometimes the best characters are the most flawed characters. Being beautiful, smart, charming, clever, and skilled is all great, but real people aren’t perfect. And, usually, we love people more for their imperfections than anything else. Would you rather read … Continue reading

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The world is not all black and white, at least not for every author. There are those authors who see a whole spectrum of grey, and try to create fascinating characters who exist in this grey zone. Recently, I finished … Continue reading

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A Short Writing Piece of Sorts

Anne-Marie Humphrey stood with her back stiff, but not because she was inclined to the sort of personality of someone who often stood stiff-backed at a ball. No, she stood in such an uncomfortable way because her mother had fastened … Continue reading

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Stop Apologizing

One of my characters is angry and hateful.  My fellow writers loved this character.  As the story progressed, the other writers started to have more and more trouble connecting with this character.  No one could put their finger on what … Continue reading

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Creating Character Driven Novels

  I have a tendency to create novels with main characters that remind me of myself in many ways, however, the novel I am currently working on has a main character who I feel is very different from myself.  She … Continue reading

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Body Language #2

I’ve mentioned before that I’m really struggling with body language in my stories.  Since I wrote my last blog, I’ve actually noticed an improvement in my writing.  I think this is because I took the time to analyze how to … Continue reading

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