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8 Reasons to be an Indie Author

You have control over your own cover designs.  I remember going to a writing conference where the author said she cried when she saw  the cover designed by her publishers. She’d written (I believe) a historical romance, but the cover … Continue reading

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Revelations of an Indie Author

This week I read Salvation by my good friend Aeon Igni. It’s a short sci-fi romance that came out in 2013 about a girl who posses as a boy in order to get a job aboard a spaceship… and falls … Continue reading

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Street Team

A Street Team is one of the most valuable things an author can have, according to Kevin Kruse. Other writers have stressed this to me over and over again, and yet, I’ve never been given a clear plan on how … Continue reading

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Kindle Select- One Day Giveaway (My Experience)

The most important thing to me right now, as a new writer, is to get readers. I want people to enjoy my writing, and I want to hear their feedback, so I know what I can do to continue improving … Continue reading

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“To Kill a Wizard” is Available on Amazon

I know I just published my first short story on Amazon, introducing people to the world of Tarak, but now the first novel in the series is also available. It is absolutely amazing to see two and a half years … Continue reading

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Navigating Kindle Direct Publishing

Learning to use Kindle Direct Publishing to publish my novel To Kill a Wizard wasn’t nearly as hard as learning to properly format my book for Kindle readers. Both, however, had their challenges, which I’ll share here, as well as, … Continue reading

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Steps to Self Publishing

Everyone will have a different experience when it comes to publishing. Some of this will be determined by the route they want to follow: Large publisher Small publisher Self publishing But there are other factors that are equally important. Basically, … Continue reading

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I’m Finished My Book, Now What?

I went back and forth about whether to go a more traditional publishing route or to self-publish. Just recently, I finally decided what to do… self-publish. This book is so important to me that I really want to make the … Continue reading

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To Self-Publish or not to Self-Publish

I spent years working on my first novel, but after careful consideration, have put it aside for a while to work on other projects.  With that said, I started another piece.  This piece was designed to be a short story … Continue reading

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