Writer’s Block- I Think Not!


Inevitably, there will come a time when you run into a roadblock in your writing, and you don’t know how to proceed. If you’re anything like me, chances are you’ll keep pressing on and pressing on (even if your writing ends up being as painful to read as it was to write, thus quickly ending up in the trash). Or maybe, you’ll grab a gallon of ice cream, a giant spoon, and eat it while angrily watching whatever TV show gives you an excuse not to open your laptop. Not that I do that… no, never. But the thing is, recently I discovered a few great ways to combat writer’s block.

  1. Write something else
    1. No, seriously, write something else. Right now, I’m working on four different pieces. Every time I get discouraged with one, I jump to another one. I’ve never been this satisfied with my writing before. And what’s more, I’m actually being really productive. I might not have anything done next week, but I’m likely going to have four different things finished in a couple of months. That’s not the worst thing in the world.
  2. Write a journal entry from your main character’s point-of-view
    1. Sometimes we get stuck with our writing, because we’re so focused on following the path we’ve set out for our characters. Taking a minute to reconnect with your heroine, and flush them out a little more, may inspire you. It may even make you realize that as much as you want your character to do X, Y, or Z, the reason your writing is stuck, is because that’s not what your character wants to do.
  3. Write a little fanfiction
    1. Have you ever watched a show and thought, “they really should’ve done…” (Firefly, X Files, Game of Thrones, the list goes on.) Well, writing should be fun! Write a little fanfiction. And once you’ve reminded yourself of why you love to write, turn back to your story with fresh eyes.
  4. Outline a New Idea
    1. Writing a new idea or a first chapter is like going on a first day. There’s all the excitement and fun, without all the hard work of a long-term relationship. Cheat a little (not on your significant other, lol, but on your novel).   Then, you get a chance to turn back to your work feeling refreshed.
  5. World Build
    1. Most of us have this whole amazing idea about what our new and fantastical world is like, but our books only capture a little bit of that world. So go, have fun. Spend some time describing all the neat aspects of your world.
  6. Take a break from writing
    1. If all else fails, go out and live life a little. That’s where we draw most of our inspiration from anyway, so why not use life experiences to recharge your creative batteries?

If you’re struggling with writer’s block, I hope one of these ideas will work to “snap” you out of your writing funk.

About lisamorrowbooks

Lisa Morrow is a life-long reader who treasures fantasy in all forms. Being a middle child in a large family gave her a unique perspective on the world, but few experiences compare to her time spent studying abroad in Cambridge, England and wandering throughout Europe. After her travels, Lisa settled down in Arizona to teach junior high English, and later, to spend time with her young children, husband, and cats. To some people, her life may seem quiet. But to her, every day is spent in a world colored by the imagination of children, and fantastical worlds created by her very own mind.
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2 Responses to Writer’s Block- I Think Not!

  1. Aleksandra says:

    I have the biggest writer’s block in the history of the Universe – I think I have tried everything to fix it, but I seem to be stuck. It is worse than a regular one, as I am still writing – I just don’t feel like… I know what I am writing. Tough times.

  2. Some wonderful ideas here! I especially liked #1 – write something else. I can really see that as being helpful as a way to get the juices flowing without the stress of the writing task you’re working on. The idea of world building is appealing, too. Thanks for the useful ideas.

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