Author Interview- Dominique Mondesir

I’d like to welcome talented author Dominique Mondesir!

I stumbled across his fantasy novella, Origins, recently on Amazon. His main character was the perfect persona of the miserable, lonely worker drowning in the monotony of life. Until, or course, his world gets turned upside down. And after reading it, I reached out to him for an author interview. He kindly agreed! So, enjoy diving into the mind of this wonderful fantasy writer.


  1. If you turned your laptop/computer/pen/typewriter (yes, some of still use these!) over to your character(s), how would they describe you?

Ah! That would be funny!

They would call me an evil bastard. That keeps doing horrible, unspeakable things to them, and oh for the love of mercy, why can’t I just stop. I don’t think any writer, really wants their character speaking to anyone about them. Because they know all our little secrets. They know our desires and fears, and they know where all the skeletons are kept.

If they could or did speak, I would like them only to say , nice things about me. Because isn’t that really why we all became authors? To have our egos stroked.

  1. Whether we’re plotters or pantsers (outlines not needed), creating our stories takes us on very memorable journeys. Sometimes we may be part way through before we realize some major aspect of our story is just not working (plot, character, setting). Have you ever hit this sharp, pointy snag and if so, how did you escape? We’re you battered and bruised or a bloody mess?

Hmm, I must say with my current series, Fallen Angels. I have not really hit a brick wall, where I had to stop and think this isn’t working. Because I kind of knew where the whole story was going, hence how it would end. How I like to work on any novel I am writing, is I have to know how the story starts and ends. If I have those two goal post in mind, then the middle takes care of itself.

I have never given this much thought, but thinking about it now, yeah, every story I have ever started, I knew how it would end, and what the first chapter would look like. Now, in some cases, I introduce characters that I have all the intention in the world of killing off. But they grow and become so liked by me, that I just need to know their whole story, and that can become a problem.

But whenever I am in trouble, plot wise, I always use the advice by the great man himself Mr King.

Just kill your darlings.

When you kill off a character, in a story that has stopped or become stale, everything just opens right back up in the world that you have created.

  1. What is the best advice you can share with others?
    1. Your time is the most important thing in the world, use it wisely.  (People think that money, fame, power, is the most important thing in the world, it’s not, it’s time. Ask any person, that watches a loved one die. What they would do for just ten more minutes. You can’t replace or renew time, once it’s gone, it’s gone.)
    2. Trust your gut, instincts, whatever you want to call it.  (Trust that little voice, it always seems to know what you want.
    3. Live with no regrets. (Do that thing, you want to do now. Someday, isn’t on the calendar.)
    4. Take risks! (People always try and play it safe. But how will you know what you can, and can’t achieve unless you try.)
    5. We all make mistakes. I have failed, and fallen flat on my face, more times than I can count. But I am okay, and I am still here.
  1. Favorite supernatural creature and why?

Oooo, that is a good one.

I would say dragon, but how corny is that.

It would have to be a unicorn! Because everyone loves a unicorn.


I just want to say thanks for having me on your blog, and thank you, to all your kind readers who are still reading this. You can find all my books everywhere, from Amazon to kobo. My first ebook Origins, is free everywhere. And the third book, Takeover will be out in March. You can find all this and more on my blog, take a look when you have a chance.

Once again, thank you for having me Lisa, it’s been a pleasure.


Interested in checking out his novel?


What if the person you thought you were, turned out to be someone completely different?

As the nature of Perez’s origins are slowly revealed to him, he enters a world full of danger and fear. Not everything is as it seems. The innocent images of angels, are as far removed from the facts as can be. They are cunning, ruthless, and to be feared. Finding his world turned upside down, Perez must learn to adapt and survive. 

In a war he didn’t choose to join, can he figure out what they want before it’s too late.

(Also, a big thanks to Jami Gray for these great interview questions.)

About lisamorrowbooks

Lisa Morrow is a life-long reader who treasures fantasy in all forms. Being a middle child in a large family gave her a unique perspective on the world, but few experiences compare to her time spent studying abroad in Cambridge, England and wandering throughout Europe. After her travels, Lisa settled down in Arizona to teach junior high English, and later, to spend time with her young children, husband, and cats. To some people, her life may seem quiet. But to her, every day is spent in a world colored by the imagination of children, and fantastical worlds created by her very own mind.
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